Al-Dura and the future of the Middle East

Today’s post is on a scandalously under-reported event this month: the Kasenty vs. France 2 court case in the French courts.

As anyone familiar with Richard Landes’ work at the Augean Stables will know about the very strong doubts held over the 2000 Mohammed al-Dura incident, where Israel was accused of shooting in cold blood, a 12 year old Palestinian Arab boy, which was filmed by a freelance Palestinian cameraman employed by Charles Endelin of France 2 television.
I have decided to write on this to join in my own small way, the growing opinion of blogs that this case was a fraud and the French courts until recently protected their own.
What concerns me is that outside of France, Israel and the Jewish media – only the Asia Times has reported on this significant event – the court was presented with clearly misleading, doctored evidence. 18 minutes of footage was shown to the court, when independent witnesses have seen more than 23 minutes and Enderlin previously said that he held 27 minutes of footage. The child was neither seen to be hit, nor die in agony as Enderlin had previously asserted, and in the midst of this footage could be seen clear evidence of “Pallywood” staging of scenes.
To anyone familiar with techniques of media manipulation, it should be obvious that the boy never died at Israeli hands, but was probably murdered later to provide a “martyr” to be show the next day. The world should stop, take a breath and realise that we have been catastrophically misled by the Arab world into an insane hatred and mistrust of Israel.
The Annapolis “peace” conference is a colossal mistake, forcing Israel to do what? Give up territory? We’ve already seen that does not assuage “legitimate anger”, with the destruction of the glasshouses left to the Gazans by the Israelis when they pulled out or the war provoked by Hezbollah. Negotiate peace? Ok but solely on Arab terms.
The US administration is led in this by a fool, Condeleezza Rice, whose arrogance is providing the grounds for the Arab states to unite in a final war against Israel. This is surely the Arab intention – make Israel look like a recalcitrant state not intent of “peace”. This image will be likely propagated by the anti-Israel lobby in the western media and used to justify “resistance”, even war. We know that Iran is developing nuclear weapons and Syria want, even needs a war against Israel to justify its government’s rule of terror.

Where does the Al-Dura come into this? It was used as the blood-libel of the 21st Century and will continue to be used as such but that is not the issue of importance right now. Where it is important is in the West.
If the Western media recognise that we have all been duped and misled, then we can undercut the propagandistic basis for war against Israel. If we have been lied to, then there is no basis for blaming Israel for the continued “resistance” and the truth can be told. The truth is that since before the foundation of Israel, Arab and Islamic imperialism and supremacist belief has denied the Jews any presence in the Middle East. The leaders of the “resistance” in the 1940s and 1950s were friends of Hitler and the Nazis. The language of “resistance” is pregnant with the promise of violent conquest, blood, murder and rape.
Israel needs the West to support it because Jews have so few friends in the world. This is not the fault of Jews but their historical burden. Hatred run deep and can only be slowly removed. We must present a solid political and military front to the Arab world and state that the conditions of peace are on them, not on Israel. Stop promoting the blood libel, cease attacks on Jews in mosque, stop printing neo-nazi propaganda and displaying it upon television. If necessary we should provide Israel with the support to retake Gaza and the West Bank.
Why? Because it should be blatantly obvious to anyone with eyes open that the Palestinian leadership, be it Fatah or Hamas are both tyrannies. Tyrannies do not promote peace; at best they hold things back like a pressure cooker. How can you have peace with a people whose children are taught hatred from nursery to university and whose rulers are arbitrary thugs, their power coming solely from the barrel of a rifle.


2 Responses to Al-Dura and the future of the Middle East

  1. Cronos says:

    Excellent post. With all the muddling performed by the main stream media, its so rare to see someone with such a clear view of what it would take to bring peace to the region.

  2. wien1938 says:

    Well, no one ever listens to me in the Labour Party on this but then the left is mad.
    But thanks for the kind comment.

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