It is time to end Affirmative Action.

Pretty tired today, on the 48/72hr shock delay, so this will be fairly short.

Today’s post is on the NPR/Intelligence Squared debate on Affirmative Action.
What strikes me as horrifying is that the side opposing, including that PC snake Kimberlie Crenshaw, keep trying to paint anyone questioning the “consensus” of AA as racist, reactionary and just an appalling human being.
This is just awful to listen to. One out of three panellists debates on scientific and intellectually reputable grounds (and that panellist is neither Tim West or Crenshaw), while the other two (in brackets) engage in vilifying the proponents of the motion as racist, pro-rich (when was that a crime?) and not socialists. I think it is disgraceful as two of the proponents ARE black.
Are those two racist or self-hating? Well, they don’t talk about them, because only white people are racist – and indelibly racist too. This is liberal masochism.
A note on K.Crenshaw. I have been warned out these sorts of “critical race theory etc” academics. I still cannot believe how bad their ideas are, they assume that if you don’t kowtow then you are a bigot. The ideas are not only didactic but also intellectually disreputable. She relies in “debate” on hectoring and abusing, even shouting down her opponent? Since when were those techniques of debate?
I can only finish by saying how the better quality of speech and debate can win debates. I still cannot believe that these people think that white people ARE ALWAYS RACIST…

Please you lot, grow up.

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