Islamic supremacism in action

The IDF today killed twelve terrorists attempting to “progressively” launch Qassam high-explosive “protest” rockets against the “wicked apartheid-loving” women and children of southern Israel.
Now note the response from Hamas.
“During the Weekend of the last week, the occupation forces shelled some
official sites for the Palestinian police and some other places in the Gaza
Strip, killing at least 13 Palestinians and injuring tens others, claiming
that these attacks are against the Qassam rockets which were fired at the
Zionist settlements and outposts around the Gaza Strip.

Hamas warned on Thursday that all options were open for the mujahedeen
against the Zionist forces and settlers after killing 12 Qassam men with
some other civilians.

“All options are open to answer any crime, expecially after the Annapolis
conference, which gave the Zionists a green light to commit more and more
crimes against our people,” said a statement from the Ezzedine Al-Qassam

Hamas also warned the Palestinian leadership to implement the roadmap plan ,
which was purely security plan to end the Palestinian resistance and to
strengthen the occupation in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

The first phase of the roadmap called for the Palestinians to undertake
“visible” steps against resistance responses to the occupation crimes in the

“It is not acceptable to implement the steps in the first phase of the
roadmap, especially if they arrest our mujahedeen or take our weapons,” the
statement said.

“If this happens, it will mean a declaration of war between us and any side
which implements the roadmap steps.”

Note carefully the import of their words. Israel struck at forces attempting to attack Israel. That is what outrages them, not that people were killed, but that the “kuffar” didn’t lie down and take it like a good dhimmi.
When will the West get it into our collective heads that groups like Hamas do not have a progressive “root cause” or “grievance” that can be addressed by concessions or negotiation? The issue is about racial and sectarian supremacism – they are BETTER than you or me and have the right to dispose of us as they deem fit.

Also Nick Cohen has just published a postscript to his excellent book, “What’s Left?” I cannot recommend the book or the postscript highly enough. The postscript can be found here.


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