While Chamberlain fiddled…

Surprise, surprise:
Iran has just told the peaceful, diplomatic and culturally sensitive European Union, and Britain, France and Germany in particular, to go fuck themselves.
All of our government’s assumptions are wrong, there is no certainty in these talks and Iran is not interested in talking – they have won. This what the Iranian government is say, sorry, crowing from the rooftops.
At the very moment the US government has said “what nuclear programme”, the Iranians have just told the West to fuck off, you dirty kuffars. I do wonder if this move by the US government is a way of punishing Israel for blocking any security council resolution of the disastrous “peace” talks in Annapolis. Perhaps not, perhaps they have finally bought the European wet-pleading that if we just stop threatening Maddinnerjacket and his Hitlerite cronies, they’ll be nice and become good international citizens once more.
Personally, I expect that if Iran succeeds in gaining nuclear armament, then we will see an attempted nuclear strike on Israel within two years, that nuclear bombs will start to go off in… oh, I don’t know, how about the west of China? India, Pakistan, Moscow – and Europe.
Let’s see, just taking a rational perspective. We have a regime, which calls for the annihilation of Israel (yes, that is what he said), which dreams that a new holocaust will bring about the day of judgement and the Mahdi will return. We have a genocidal, tyrannous and unbelievably brutal regime, which sponsors terrorist movements around the world, which in turn would like to set up similar regimes – and carry on fighting the Jihad.
And let’s not forget the utterly impartial IAEA. Which has just cut a deal with Iran. Which says: what nuclear programme? The Arab world would rather like nuclear weapons – they could annihilate Israel, threaten one another and make today’s extortion of the West through oil and gas look like a minor tiff.
The West must wake up and realise that we need a war no longer than next year or we will begin to see a fundamental and incredibly dangerous shift in the balance of power towards the tyrannies of the world.


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