“We’re ALL DOOMED!” I hope not…

OK, I’m absolutely convinced now that in the wake of the friendly greeting and talks between Iran and Saudi Arabia at the Middle East conference that the Islamic world has united in pursuit of the only unifying aim held by it.
The destruction of Israel. Things look dire for that small state, the US has abandoned it, at least until the possibility of a Republican gaining the White House – in just over one year’s time. The Arab world has also rearmed, some rearmed over the years by the US in the name of alliance.
These “talks” will fail, for the simple reason that the Arabs have nothing to lose by pushing maximalist aims and demands. I fear that the Islamic World is waiting for an excuse for war – and if they succeed in raping and massacring the “filthy” Jews, then what? Does anyone who has seen Islamic supremacism seriously think that the Arabs would be satisfied with just that?
Next, demand for Sharia law in Europe and the US for all Muslims, practising or not. Expect much of the EU to give in, at least partially. After that? How about claiming Spain as Islamic territory, god-given and inalienable? Oh, wait, Al Qaeda have already claimed that…

Meanwhile, the US is busy undergoing a civil war of rhetoric that will decide the political outlook of the US for this generation. The liberal left, the leftists and their Islamist allies expect to gain power in November, by right of virtue and by means of underhanded tactics and populist rhetoric.
Britain is run by Gordon Brown’s clique of weak-willed, appeasing idiots, while I hope, behind the scenes the Blairites are regrouping. If this funding stuff stays in the media for another week, who knows? We might stand a chance in two years, if Brown has to resign this month or next.
Europe needs to unite on the side of right and fight Islamicism and their leftist PC allies. Those latter demons are the traitors within our gates and work with the very people who would destroy everything they hold dear. Idiotarians. Wonderful phrase.

Off to work in the morning… Yay! (Seriously, I’m broke!)


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