Feeling a little calmer but still clear sighted.

You should read John Bolton’s article in the Washington Post. Very succinct, describing how the NIE report is both politically motivated, blinkered and dishonest.
We on the Left must see the danger in apocalyptic rhetoric. I’m sorry to have to continue in this theme, but no one believed Hitler (except certain members of the Labour Party and Churchill) was serious or anything more than a buffoon, when he threatened war, genocide and racial hatred as ideology.
Iran has spent its entire existence as an Islamic republic attacking Israel and Jews in terms beyond vile. Words matter because they declare one’s psychological intentions.
The Islamofascists (Iran included) believe Jews (and Israel by obvious extention)to be the spawn of the devil and to be wiped out. Listen to the speeches of Nasrallah to understand that the enemies of Israel are deadly serious in their intent.
Iran’s leadership has publically declared, note publically, to its own people and the rest of the Islamic world, its willingness to trade the destruction of 50% of the world’s Jews against 1% of the worlds Muslims.
I sincerely believe that the islamofascists and the leadership of Iran would trade those kind of losses. Why? Because what would those tyrants and fanatical zealots lose as a result? 100m Muslims? Think of the propaganda value of screaming to the Islamic masses:
1. Israel, the insult to the Umma is gone, annihilated. God be praised.
2. Iran is destroyed – by the wicked hand of the infidel – REVENGE!!!
Trust me. That is the line they will take. The deaths of millions of Muslims at the hands of Jews would decisively strengthen the hands of the Islamists around the world.
Think along the parallels of the 1930s once more. The calls from the Islamists are calls for blood, revenge – for insults since 1948 (at least). The aim of the jihadis and Islamists is restoration of the Caliphate, and once this is achieved the call will be for offensive jihad against the rest of the world.
Are these delusional fantasies? Yes. But the difference between my wishing to fly to the moon and eat cheese, and the Islamofascist dream of world conquest is that the forming is a silly idea and the latter a psychopathic nightmare.
If you believe that the BNP and their ilk really dream of a white Britain, judenrein as well, then take the Islamofascists at their word and do what should have been done in 1938.


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