Oh Fuck…

Anyone remember the recent announcement of the Ashoura missile? Iran has developed a missile capable of reaching most of Europe. The next stage is to make an ICBM.
Anyone remember what that would mean? It would mean that Iran could target anywhere in the world with the “non-existent” nuclear weapons they “don’t” possess. All this: the “civilian” nuclear programme, the “stopped” military nuclear programme, the development of intercontinental ballistic missiles, the repeated declarations of genocidal intent about Israel and Jews in general, the Holocaust denial efforts, the support of terrorists and attempt to create a state of Islamic purity at home.
All of these amount to preparations for an apocalyptic war. None of the rhetoric seems to be aimed at just securing the Middle East, instead it is about destroying the enemies of Islam.
Mad Dinner Jacket sent a letter last year to President Bush, inviting him to submit to Islam. This is the Islamic ultimatum. You have three choices. Submit and became Muslim – their idea of a Muslim as well. Or, submit to Islam, pay the jizya (poll tax but more like protection money) and be subdued and submissive. Or die.
Very simple.

The Islamofascists are preparing for war. They will not likely begin with a terrorist nuclear attack, unless to distract us long enough to launch salvoes of ICBMs to annihilate our cities. Oh, that includes China and Russia, who are helping Iran arm.
My God, the world is stupid.


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