Tehran 2007 and Berlin 1938?

Tehran has just announced another set of “morality” measures.
Let’s try these.

[1] Terrorizing people by quarrelling and feuding in public.
[2] Women failing to cover up in a suitable way, such as wearing short trousers revealing the leg, hats instead of scarves, small and skinny scarves that do not cover up the head, and make-up that is unconventional and violates public morality.
[3] Wearing decadent Western clothes and displaying signs and insignia of deviant groups
[4] Procuring decadent films
[5] Procuring drugs and alcohol
[6] Rap music.

Does this sound like Nazi Germany once again? Banning material offensive to the German race/Islamic morality. Beating, imprisoning and executing anyone transgressing these arbitrary laws?

We are living in the 1930s again.

On another note. Washington seems to have acquiesced in the triumph of the Islamists. Hezbollah can continue to shoot at Israel, while getting a place in the new Lebanese government – which will obey Damascus and Tehran.
And they are negotiating with their enemies in Saudi Arabia and Iran. At the expense of our one true ally in the region, Israel; not to mention abandoning anyone who does not want to be ruled by the fascists in robes.

I am truly starting to despair.


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