The wonderful J-Post and recognising our enemies.

Reading through various analyses of the NIE report and in particular, the Jerusalem Post’s David Horowitz and Caroline Glick, I have come to the dreadful conclusion that Israel has been betrayed by the anti-semitic leftists in the US bureaucracy and the idiots in the White House. One would have expected Dick Cheney to have attacked it, but even he seems to have acquiesced. I can only note kindly that I suspect he is exhausted and not willing to fight the leftists any longer.
The traitors within America have punished Israel for being better at intelligence than them and demonstrating that the NIE might be incredibly stupid! This time feels more and more like the 1930s, when Germany was rearming (before nuclear weapons, one might add) and openly threatening war and “revenge” on the Jews. Too many people then, as now, were frightened to face up to the consequences of having an aggressive, apocalyptic regime on the Continent.
Iran, by any sensible conclusion, wishes to destroy Israel and restart the Islamic attack upon the West. Iran, by any sensible conclusion, wishes to gain nuclear weapons and will likely use them against Israel, even if the US and NATO powers were to threaten nuclear retaliation. We are dealing with the new Nazis and they must be stopped now as they should have been in 1936.
Ideally, I would like to see the West conclude an offensive alliance, mobilise our economies and militaries for war and prepare a massive ground invasion of Iran. It could in theory be done.
However, the practical solution will have to be an aerial blitz of no less than 48 hours, and probably two weeks. We will have to conduct deep commando raids and helicopter force insertions to locate and destroy both the “civilian” and “military” nuclear programmes.
Iran has purchased two years ago eighteen long range, nuclear capable missiles, capable of hitting Israel and Eastern Europe. Iran does not need nuclear power, yet is short of refining capacity, why hasn’t the regime been building more refining plants? Because the regime intends to build nuclear warheads for use against us.
Note those words, for use. They have intimated as much that they intend to use them – at least against Israel, but then why stop there?


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