Israel, Gaza and the future

It is increasingly obvious to anyone who keeps an eye or two on the situation in Israel that the IDF will have to retake Gaza from Hamas. This will require a major ground operation, many casualties can be expected but the prospect must be recognised as inevitable.
The pathetic head-in-the-sand attitude of the Olmert government and the Haaretz elite has materially endangered Israeli civilians and placed the state in jeopardy. The US government has finally lost its mind and decided that tyrannical Jew-haters are their friends (even as Syria and Iran continue to supply weapons to the “resistance” in Iraq).
Hamas has been trained and reorganised by Iran over the last year, hoping to place a second Hizbollah on the southern flank of Israel, with the obvious purpose of depopulating Israel by terror attacks, whether suicide bombings or rocket and mortar attacks. Hamas now boasts of special forces, brigades and battalions. Qassam production has ceased, but in favour of larger and longer-range rockets. A Katyusha rocket was fired recently at Ashkelon.
The Islamic world has looked on the bloody draw in southern Lebanon last year and drawn the correct conclusions: batter Israel and expect the world to blame Israel for being attacked.
The way out of this mess is military force and inducing fear in the Arabs. Retake Gaza in a week, spend months rooting out the terrorist cells, and every time a terrorist is caught, put him up against a wall and bang! Summary justice.
Israel should then start actually ruling the area, change the education system, shut the mosques down whenever the preachers begin on Jew-hatred and hunt down and execute the enemy. The West Bank will need to be cleared out at a later date but Gaza is the festering, pus-filled sore that endangers Israel.
As I have indicated in my previous post, a further war is coming over Lebanon soon enough. Better to deal with Gaza first, before Hizbollah have fully rearmed and ejected the UN “peacekeepers”.
Perhaps after Gaza, Israel should actually look at provoking Syria into a full-scale war. Perhaps if her pride is smashed in battle, Syria might leave Israel alone.

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