Truth and the Cycle of History

It should be increasingly obvious to anybody that we are entering another part of the cycle of history in the affairs of Israel. At the moment when the US president is pushing hardest for peace, the chants of war begin to gather on Palestinian Arab media. A video widely circulated at the height of the suicide bombing campaign has reappeared on Palestinian television, proclaiming its simple message about the glory and reward of the suicide bomber.
Others have written before on this cycle, but the components that make it up are simple. The more the West or Israel desires peace and offers to make concessions, the more that the Arab leadership feel threatened at home. The reason itself is simple and is the result of sixty or seventy years of nationalist and religious hate-mongering, so that “resistance” to Israel is such a basic position of the Arab mental world that any leader attempting to even maintain the pretence of negotiations is immediately branded a traitor.
If the consequences were merely rhetoric, then the worst we could see would a rather bad tempered parliamentary debate or perhaps a riot. But the states of the Middle East are ruled by violence and men of violence. Debate is not possible outside of the protected “court circles” of the state media, and there debate is held hostage to the feelings of the “street”. The price of speaking truth in a world of violence is death.
This is not just the physical death of a body but the death of debate, of honesty and of all moderation.
Soon one of two events will occur. In the first case, peace negotiations will fail because the Arabs don’t want peace, will demand the maximum price from Israel and the West and on finding one item rejected, will declare for “resistance”. The second case, will be that the Palestinian Arab government negotiating will be overthrown by Hamas before any deal can be worked out and the true voice of the people heard – death, bigotry and desolation.
The Arab world and the Palestinian Arabs in particular have been fed a mental, educational and political diet of hatred, racism and religiously inspired bigotry since the first Jewish settlers arrived in what became Israel. Let us not underestimate the consequences of this, nor brush it aside in favour of our own theories and force Israel to give to the men who wish nothing but death or slavery for her people.


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