Why I’m fed with the Left and want to leave.

There are many reasons why I’m fed up with the Left, even as I still count myself a person who believes in individual rights, human equality and all the principles of the Enlightenment. Yet I have come to realise that it is on the Left, two strong and influential sections of the Left in particular, that the principles of the Enlightenment have been deserted.
Human equality has been replaced with identity politics; your rights now depend on the colour of your skin or the choice of your bed partner. The situation visa vi human equality is worse than that could sound as it actually acts to entrench poverty, create mythical peasant cultures to worship from the West, while turning a blind eye to the continuation of barbaric practise, too distasteful to support but falling on the wrong side of the cultural barrier to denounce – genital mutilation is practised on dark skinned peoples, so we don’t talk about it. African economies are uncut with a deluge of well intentioned aid and subsided modern wheat. Without agricultural development, how is the land to support a growing population?
Freedom of conscience and speech are removed to make way for the “virtuous” to control all speech and thought in order to make the world a better place. Honestly, the parallels to the religious extremists of early modern Europe are uncanny… The Left is obsessed with “virtue” and “right” to such a degree that any speech not meeting with the pre-arranged anti-capitalist, anti-idiotarian values of the modern Left is instantly branded as hate speech or racist. And I’m not talking about the blatant attempts by the Tories to pander to naked bigotry in recent years.
How is it that the Left has now become the bastion of anti-semitism? How is it that the Left now practises racist ideologies, while still pretending to be anti-racist?
The first question is quite easy. Anti-semitism on the Left was always present, usually in an anti-capitalist form but after the Holocaust Jews could not be attacked openly, since they had unintentionally assumed victim status and Israel seemed to be a socialist paradise (kibbutzim in particular). However when Israel, quite rightly gained US military support (in a war of survival against genocidal enemies), the Left began to switch sides.
Notice that the Jews now could not be viewed as victims and saints, but had to be seen by any clear thinking person as humans. Nope, the old anti-Semitism came back out on the Left. Jews were always a cipher for the ideals and hatreds of the Left. When victims and proto-socialists, the Jews were the paragons of virtue; when victors and successful capitalists, the Jews turned into the brutal and venal stereotypes of the past, with one important innovation. Whereas before the brutality of the Jews had been in manipulation (an ever present theme) and secrecy, now they could be accused of being Nazis – helmets, rifles and the panoply of war completing the agitprop image.
The Palestinian Arabs have turned into the “new Jews” complete with disaster, dispossession and oppression. The Left has taken the image of the “new Jews” to justify their anti-Semitism by accusing the real Jews of “should have known better”. The ultimate release for the full weight of anti-semitic sentiment came with the “killing” of Al-Dura in 2000. An excuse or a trigger had been presented by which Jeremy Bowen and the like could unleash all that pent up anger and hatred on Jews, who “should have known better”. It is so satisfying being righteous when you can sneer and scream at a fallen saint…
The second question is more difficult but develops out of political correctness, the infiltration of academic discourse by the far-left and the misanthropy always present in much of the Left. Remember that much of leftwing discourse is redemptive in nature, with so much more bile stored up when the actors invested with those roles fail to behave in a utopian fashion.
The Left does not want the rest of the world to develop, since it has not rid itself of its medieval attitudes towards earthly wealth and goods. Since the death of socialism, the Green movement has put itself forward as the most aggressive proponent of modern sainthood, with its radicals talking of the need for 80-90% of humanity to be exterminated in order that the righteous might survive. And some of them are Quakers.
The Left is anti-trade, anti-American (“America is so dangerous” – sounds eerily familiar to Nazi rhetoric about America and democracy), anti-democratic (disdain and hatred towards the “plebs” while breezily stating that democracy is a western habit that cannot be transplanted), racist (people who aren’t western are both inherently virtuous and incapable of a civilised political life) and practise intellectual self-flagellation (the West is the root cause of all wickedness, especially in barbaric behaviour by non-western peoples towards one another).
All the principles of the Enlightenment have been abandoned in favour of autocratic and autodidactic tyranny from a small community of the blessed and believing. Normally these people would not be dangerous but they are the dominant group within the media, within education, within much of the political class and the educated part of society. The modern liberal left is so anti-semitic that Jews are starting to leave because they are frightened by the rhetoric of revenge and justice at the hands of their murderous enemies…


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