Of real people and moral responsibility

According to the EU, the UN and bulk of the world’s governments and media, Jews are obviously not real people. At least if they live in Israel.

So why has the world been weeping tears, renting garments and accusing Israel of fomenting a disaster in the Gaza Strip by the very minor sanction of cutting off the fuel supply to the single power station in the area? Israel still supplies 70% of the electricity which powers Gaza’s lights and hospitals, its farmers still sell foodstuffs to Gaza and the aid agencies can continue to ply their 60 year old trade in guilt tripping and middle class jobs.

It must the case that non-European people have no ability to make moral choices in much the same way as animals have to rut, fight and hunt; known otherwise as having no moral responsibilities for their actions… Um, now I’m confused, because we keep on referring (rightly) to both Israelis and Palestinian Arabs as human beings capable of rational choice and freedom of conscience.

So it quite alright for the human beings/animals of Gaza to continue to shoot, mortar, rocket and snipe at Israeli citizens (who are also human beings)…but Israel cannot with respond more than the occasional targeted assassination – even that is condemned by “human rights” groups. So the obvious path towards a peaceful situation – Hamas putting an end to the incessant attacks on Israel, is obviously off the cards.


Because the West obviously does not consider either Jews to be humans or Arabs to be anything other than animals. Because one side is considered incapable rational choice and therefore consequences, while the other side is not accorded fundamental human rights – the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness because they are Jews – sorry, Israelis, sorry – Zionists…

Let us please for once acknowledge that Israel is in a war of annihilation with its enemies, upon whom even the most fanatical Israeli does not wish annihilation. Is it not absurd that we in the West continue to expect one nation to feed, fuel and arm its enemies, while trying to make peace with  them? In the Second World War, we did not feed Germany, we made war upon the country to depose the regime. We should allow Israel to do the same and accord her the status of a true combatant.


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