Larry Defner, the idiot…

This particular columnist writes for the Jerusalem Post, a newspaper I have become very fond of in recent months.
Why is he an idiot? He seems to be that particular brand of Jewish liberal, not so far left as to be on the lunatic fringe but enough to be quite deluded about the world.
Aside from his Israel – Palestine rubbish, he has actually seen sense and backed John McCain for President (or at least the Republican nomination) but then goes and spoils it all by asking for Condelezza Rice as his running mate.
Condelezza Rice… Um, excuse me but that woman is a fool. I would sooner have Donald Rumsfeld than that weak kneed idiot as VP – at least Rummy would make me laugh.
Any logic tells you that Guilliani would be the better running mate – he’s socially liberal, a hawk on Jihadi Islam and fervently pro-Israel. We would then have to intellectual heavy weights in the White House and the US should pick up the war and prepare to deal with Iran.
Now I await the floods of anti-semitic abuse…


2 Responses to Larry Defner, the idiot…

  1. Uzer says:

    Right. Because anybody who disagrees with is automatically anti-Semitic.

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