McCain, Sampley and the disgraceful right

A quick entry here: I still support McCain, in spite of Charles Johnson’s insane belief in that liar and lunatic, Ted Sampley. Is it more likely that Sampley is a fantasist or merely mendacious? I have to admit believing that there was some truth to the Swiftboat Vets allegations against John Kerry, but now I have actually done some reading, I can only conclude that the SBV were liars.
These people are as disgraceful as the Daily Kos. This is a blatant attempt by the insane right to discredit the only electable Republican going. We are seeing a mirror in the lunatic Ann Coulter backing Hillary Clinton so as to provoke a complete disaster and bring the “true” Republicans back in four years later.
You cannot believe that ideological purity will guarantee power. You cannot accuse the Democrats and the Left of being a religious movement, then behave exactly the same. You have to realise that you might be wrong on some positions and that the moderate American is a bit less fanatical that you.
Grow up Ann Coulter and the ideological right. There is far more at stake than your pride.


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