Terror as a method of War

I’ve been thinking rather seriously lately about the enemy of the West and have been revising certain assumptions in light of new information.
The Iranian clerical-fascist regime is the central co-ordinating and enabling factor in Islam’s war on the world. It was Iran which provided the means and know-how to Al-Qaeda, Iran is well known as the founder and director of Hizbollah and Hamas. In a recent Intelligence Squared debate, an ex-CIA station chief explained about Iran’s terrorist history and co-operation with a whole variety of unpleasant or foul thugs and murderers including Zaqawi in Iraq.
He is right when he says that “Iran is not a militarist state, no! It’s a terrorist state! It has terrorism in its DNA!”
This is a most elegant insight but one which must be appreciated at a deeper level. The state that Iran reminds me of most is Nazi Germany – minus the Wehrmacht. It is the same emphasis on terror to enforce control at home and to enforce the State’s will abroad. It is War By Terror.
Iran aims without doubt to secure nuclear weapons (20 year programme, repeated lying despite membership of the NPT, repeated declarations of progress in nuclear weapons technology – oh and a ballistic missile programme that can already reach Eastern Europe). I have no doubt in my mind that Iran means to destroy Israel with nuclear weapons – but this is not part of a direct campaign of terrorism against the West.
No, the destruction of 7 million Jews, Muslims, Christians, Druze and others will instead be a clear warning to the West as Iran openly develops ICBMs that it is willing to sacrifice its population in a nuclear war. Wait for the open threats following Europe’s cowardice for Islamic law and autonomy for the Islamic pockets in Europe.
Then the Revolutionary Guards controlled elements will turn each pocket into a little Gaza and begin conducting terrorism attacks. Then will come the seemingly reasonable request, “There are grievances – make some concessions and the attacks can be stopped.”
Next Islamic law and Jizya. Then we all must live like Iran or have nuclear bombs go off (in suicide attacks) in our cities. Presto world domination – by terror.

Let’s stop fucking around. Destroy the Iranian regime down to its last official – why not? We did it in Germany 68 years ago?


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