It is time.

Israel must bite the bullet and retake the Gaza strip. Yesterday’s murder of one Israeli in Sderot and today’s strike on Ashkelon with a Grad rocket are signs that the enemy in Gaza will not rest, will not make agreements, will not cease to fight until every last Israeli is dead or expelled from the Middle East.
In the interests of national security, Israel must retake the Gaza Strip.
In the interests of fighting Islamofascism, Israel must retake the Gaza Strip.
In the interests of stopping the daily fire from Gaza, Israel must retake the Gaza Strip.
In the interests above all of its people, Israel must retake the Gaza Strip.
Seize the Philadelphia Corridor and tell the world about the smuggling operations, the Egyptian failure to secure the border and the betrayal of faith and above all, Israel must tell the world that it cannot rely on fickle international good will to protect its people from indiscriminate, terroristic bombardment.
Retake Gaza, if necessary by house-to-house fighting. Hunt down the Hamas, Fatah and al-Qaeda terrorists, officers, political operatives and leaders. If necessary, simply interrogate and shoot them. Restore security and seize control of the mosques and education system. Disarm the populace and put the burden of action on the Arabs.
Then prepare for the war that will shortly be launched from Lebanon and perhaps Syria.
In all this Israel must be fast, utterly ruthless and fearsome to behold. And afterwards as Israel has always done, even to put it’s own security at risk, offer peace, recognition and reconciliation. If the Islamic and Arab world does not return the gesture with peace, declare them unwilling to seek peace and take unilateral steps to secure the peace in the future.


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