The impending Labour Catastrophe

I think today a slight break from my current themes and a return to these wind-swept isles.

The opinion poll in today’s Times puts the Conservative Party on 43% and the Labour Party on 27%, our worst rating since 1983 and in less than one year since Tony Blair resigned as Prime Minister and leader of the Labour Party. How has this come about?
The answers seem simple enough. Despite the warnings of the Blairites, the Brown government has progressively backed off from much of the radical agenda needed to retain the vitality in government and ensure a further term in power. The government’s credibility in the face of intellectual incoherence, repeated crisis of mismanagement and at times unbelievable political ineptitude has led to this dire state of affairs.
While I regard the Labour Party as needing to dump Brown and his acolytes, I have severe reservations about this happening, though it could yet be done. Nothing has been done about the traitors on the party’s left (Dianne Abbot, Jeremy Corbyn et al), while the intellectual ministers have been excluded from cabinet by the mundane, puppet-like and mediocre.
Perhaps the worst of it is that I don’t regard the Opposition as having any claim to be worthy of government, except for the small factor of their possibly being marginally more competent. And to make matters worse, the Liberal Democrats are about to implode…all those marginal seats hurrying back to the Tories…
One comment on the Times article summed up my fears about the dissolution of the Blair electoral coalition. He stated he had voted Labour under Blair but now would not vote for this government, instead voting for the Conservatives. This is the sort of centrist voter who brought us our majorities – by Brown’s incompetence we are throwing away the purple into the hands of the intellectually disreputable Cameron Conservatives.
Perhaps the strategy for Blairites like myself would best be served by preserving our MPs like Charles Clark from catastrophe. If here in Norwich South the Liberal Democrat vote does collapse, then vigorous campaigning by ourselves might tap enough of that support to maintain Charles and our Council presence, splitting the rest between the Tories and the Greens. Whatever happens between now and May 2010 will be hard work at least.


4 Responses to The impending Labour Catastrophe

  1. Ah! Another Blairite. That makes two of us!

    You might like to visit my blog – latest post on David Owen’s rampage against Tony Blair.

    All the best – but ther’s only one way I can see Labour recovering and THAT ain’t gonna happen!

  2. Marc says:

    It does depress me to think the conservatives are likely to win the next election, at this rate anyway. Brown doesn’t seem proactive enough, the whole front bench seem scared to make their argument for fear of offending the likes of the Daily Mail.

  3. And fear of offending the Daily Mail is NO reason. The Tory Daily Mail hates Labour anyway, Blair-led, Brown-led, whatever.

    Sadly the press in this country is too powerful, imho, given that people only read headlines and can be so gullible.

    And the way things are going my little fun entry on Labour, Wikipedia 2050 – might have more truth in it than I’d like.

  4. wien1938 says:

    Cheers for all the responses, guys.
    The thing about the Daily Mail is to ignore it. The DM hates all political figures, being itself and exercise in grumpy melancholia.
    The issue is not the DM anyway. I feel that the issue with the front bench lies in their cowardice and timidity. We should be refashioning our agenda to be decisively pro-reform, working on reducing the size of the state where it is not needed but above all fixing the MESS that is the education system.

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