Loonyism on the far left

I’ve finally visited the blog of one of my few commenters, who goes by the moniker of “Attending the World”. It was worse than I thought; this guy is a nutcase from the far left…
I cannot tell where he drew those photographs, but I remain highly suspicious. He’s a worshipper at the shrine of Saint Rachael Corrie, the young idiot who got herself killed, perhaps deliberately. He seems to think that the US is some sort of vile empire, seeking world domination.
All a bit strange when one considers that the US would be a pretty pathetic empire, especially if controlled by Jews (sorry, Na-zionists). If this were the case, why did the US not invade Iran in 1979? Or kill Hugo Chavez? Or allow that thug Ahmadinejad to vist the US?
The US does not behave like an empire; if it did has aspirations in this area then it would look fairly pathetic. I do not understand the far left – but then as Marx put it, “the real enemies of liberty are the far-left and the far-right” and “the far-left and the far-right unite over Jews”.
Bear that in mind.


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