More press disinformation

During the recent fighting in Basra, Baghdad and elsewhere, who noticed the tone taken by the BBC? “More than 300 people have been killed in fighting between Iraqi forces and the Mahdi Army…” I paraphrase, but the point should leap out from the sentence: “people” have been killed. This word is not used to distinguish between the military, police, Madhis or civilians.
It is used to lower the moral level of the fight to a clash between two groups of thugs. Worse, we are expected to assume that civilians have been killed by the military, or because of them. Yet again we face more defeatism and treachery from the BBC. I’ve only discovered from The Long War Journal tonight that more than 300 Mahdi fighters have been killed, over 500 wounded and more than 200 taken prisoner. Sadr was able to be portrayed as winning the fight, when he was ordered by his Iranian masters to cease fighting and his forces were taking heavy losses, while running short of ammunition, food and water.
Hopefully, there will be one more push this year and the Mahdi Army (that sectarian band of bigoted thugs) will be destroyed as a coherent force. Yet at home we have another portrayal of “the quagmire” and “hopelessness” of the cause.
Fucking traitors.


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