The Coming War

War is coming. The scent of cordite, jet fuel and blood can be detected on the wind from the East. Iran now openly moves towards nuclear weaponry, supplies and organizes the terrorists in Iraq on a semi-covert basis and plots with North Korea and Syria . Syria provides the logistical cord that makes Hizbollah such a formidable force within Lebanon, while all the time, Hamas grow stronger.
Stories have reached me of Russian, Chinese and North Korean mercenaries operating against NATO in Afghanistan, alongside the Taliban, while the Russian army is reported to be on a high degree of offensive training and is “tense”, sensing that something is going to happen. I suspect the Russian and North Korean governments of hiring mercenaries in order to cash in on the lucrative drugs money of Afghanistan and Pakistan.
There are well-substantiated reports of preparations for the war against Iran, which will probably take place simultaneously against Syria from Israel. And in the background, Russia grows ever more aggressive, leading one to wonder where might be the target. Reportedly, Russian troops are training for amphibious landings, leaving possible targets of the Baltic states, the Scandinavian states, Britain (unlikely), the Balkans (via the Black Sea) or possible targets in the Mediterranean (unlikely due to the US presence). The other possibility is a move either on or into Iran; either a conquest or an alliance to seize the regional resources and establish a joint hegemony in the region, though it remains to be seen how this might work in practise. The other target could then be Turkey – seizure of Turkey (a long standing Russian imperial aim), while Iran and Syria complete regional dominance in the Middle East would leave Russia quite strong.

One Response to The Coming War

  1. wien1938 says:

    Well, I was quite wrong. I had no idea that the target would be Georgia!

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