Another Al Durrah?

A couple of days ago a AFP cameraman was killed in Gaza, seemingly by an Israeli tank round. The PalArabs (and Hamas in particular) have been claiming that he was killed by a flechette round.
The problem with this analysis is that it does not add up.
This cameraman was also involved in fraudulent anti-Israeli photography two years ago during the Lebanon war and it is possible that he was directly involved in filming or even taking part in a Hamas operation against the Israelis. On the Reuters video the tank round explodes mid air and to the front of the camera 1.5 seconds after firing. That would estimate range at 1.5 kilometres, making it difficult to identify a target that was certainly in this case in a defilade position, partially concealed by vegetation and possibly accompanied by identified gun men. Given recent Israeli worries about high-tech anti-tank weaponry being smuggled into Gaza, a glint from a camera lens along with thermal imaging of potentially hostile behaviour would justify opening fire.
The PalArabs claim the round was a flechette round – certainly to catch the attention of the world’s human rights groups, since the flechette round is legal but controversial. However the filmed detonation of the munition suggests the round was a 10.5 or 12cm APAM round, essentially a small cluster munition designed to eliminate anti-tank crews, destroy small armoured vehicles or bunkers (in the latter case by direct hit, the former by airburst).
There are deeply suspicious inconstancies in the filmed report and the press photography surrounding the incident. The vehicles are claimed to have been showered with flechettes, yet only select parts are damaged in a manner that looks inflicted at close range. The bodies look like they have been moved as little blood can be observed on the ground, the paramedics seem to display a complete lack of training, suggesting that this could be yet again a Pallywood staged scene or at least making the best of the loss of an anti-tank crew and a sympathetic photographer.


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