Well, the writing is on the wall for the state currently known as Lebanon. In fairly short order, Hezbollah will gain full control of the country, turn it into a mirror image of Iran and prepare for all out terrorist warfare against Israel.
And who didn’t see this coming?
The Left.
The best hope for a continued and tolerant democracy in Lebanon now is the Israelis. Only a full scale war between Israel and Syria, with victorious Israel turning on Hezbollah/Lebanon after the defeat of the Assad regime can turn the path back.
Even then I have my doubts, And I wonder if the best thing for Israel would be to root out and destroy Hezbollah on the ground, and break up Lebanon into smaller states that can then be protected by mutual alliance. The Shia of Hezbollah are going to attempt to commit genocide against the Druze (non-Muslims), and maybe the Christians too.
Who will be blamed? America or Israel or both for not “doing enough for peace” when Iran, her Syrian puppet, and its terrorist proxies have made abundantly clear that their interests lie in regional domination, the extermination of Israel and eventually every last Jew in the Middle East.

Czechoslovakia 1938/39 anyone?

One Response to Hezbollastan

  1. creeping says:

    And two of Barack Obama’s policy team, one fired and one remaining, as well as Jimmy Carter have been calling for unconditional talks with Syria and Iran…not to mention Hamas and Hizballah…

    What will Obama do when they all turn on Israel and Israel is forced to protect herself with massive force?

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