Naqba bias

A very useful tool in analysis of either media or political rhetoric on Israel is Natan Sharansky’s Three D’s, which when present alert the reader or listener to the presence of anti-semitic content.
Demonisation, Deligitimisation and Double Standards.
This week’s coverage of the birth of Israel was of course morally neutralised in the mainstream media by the inclusion of the “Naqba”, the narrative of Palestinian Arab loss in the War of Independence. Yet this stream of reporting is in itself taking an anti-semitic slant.

The demonisation comes from the myths and lies and comparision with genocidal regimes, the Double Standards stem from the continued regard of the Palestinian Arabs as “refugees”, even over several generations. The Deligitimisation comes out of the “Naqba” narrative itself, indeed it is central to the narrative.
One cannot say simply that the Arab states and religious leaders, backed by a majority of the population launched a war of genocide against the fledging state of Israel aimed at the annihilation of the Jews and that they were backed by ex-Nazi soldiers. No, Israel has to be responsible for the Arabs choice in fleeing, Israel has to be responsible for the Arabs wishing to murder Jews and ultimately we can blame the Jews for their own misfortunes.

To compare the founding of Israel with the “Naqba” is about as explicitly anti-semitic as you can get these days.


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