Another reason to look askance at Obama

The messianic air given to Barack Obama by the left across America has consistently worried me, given the totalitarian end-tendencies of messianic movements but now seeing the posters being produced and sold in a manner reminiscent of a religious cult is starting to truly alarm me. Obama is being portrayed in a beatific light as a saviour, yet espousing what are fundamentally partisan political viewpoints. The consequences of this could be deeply poisonous to the fabric of American politics in either of the two scenarios pertaining to the presidential election.
In the first case scenario, where Obama wins the election, he will probably be attempting to govern on the basis of “uniting” the American people, yet would still be attempting to do so on partisan grounds. In essence, the language would be to ‘join our side and be together’, but where does that leave those who still disagree? This is outcome of passive aggressive, pacifistic politics, that those who still disagree are then cast out of the social grouping and demonized: the epithets of “warmongers”, “hate-filled”, “right-wing” will be hurled at the opponents of ‘unification and hope’. Not necessarily by Obama himself, but certainly by his most fervent supporters, destroying the idea or image of a unifying presidency.
The second scenario is the aftermath of a defeat whereby John McCain wins the election, especially if winning by a small margin. I do not believe that Obama will take part in the fury and mud-slinging of his supporters, but would he speak out against it? Regardless, the probability lies in the left demonizing the rest of the country as “enemies of peace”, “selfish”, “reactionary”, “hate-filled”, and the term “racist” will be used a great deal.
The end result either way, but more heavily in the second case, would be a language of exclusion and hatred filling the public discourse which will come from the left. The American left have become proto-totalitarian in their outlook, brooking no time for alternative points of view or dissent, yet claiming the mantle and protectorate of ‘free-speech’. The American left have talked to one another for years about “reclaiming our country/nation/America”, which suggests the political alternative is inherently illegitimate.
This discourse must end if there is not to be a deeply poisonous current in American political discourse for the near future but also so that the left does not completely abandon the field of politics to the right. A balance of discourses produces the healthiest body politic. A tyrannical and intolerant (yes, the left) discourse, aiming for domination of the others produces only misery and danger.


2 Responses to Another reason to look askance at Obama

  1. JOS says:

    Very interesting post. I like your take on an Obama victory in the first scenario and think you’ve hit the nail right on the head. In the second scenario, I’m not so sure. I do believe a McCain victory will be viewed by the left as more ‘right-wing conspiracy’ rhetoric, but I see more engagement from Obama. He has a hard time holding his cards close to the vest and typically responds to set-backs through whining and condescension.


    – JOS

  2. wien1938 says:

    Thanks for your reply. I’m not actually too worried about the character of Obama as I believe I have him figured out. No, it is his advisors who worry me. I suspect he’s actually quite weak and can be ruled by his wife and the left-wing academic idiots around him.

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