Al Dura exposed as a fake!

Phillipe Karsenty has won his case against France 2 television. One small step in exposing the complicity of the western media in the propaganda of the Palestinians and the enemies of the west.
Let us bloggers try and get this news into the media and start challenging the dangerous assumptions and corrupt journalists who side with the enemies of freedom.


2 Responses to Al Dura exposed as a fake!

  1. Edmund says:

    Actually all the ruling stated was that it is not libel to call the video a fake. The court in no way decided the authenticity of the film. It simply clarified that calling it a fake is not libelous towards the news stations that aired it.

  2. wien1938 says:

    All the same, Edmund, it is a bit narrow to interpret in that manner. One might as well claim that an apple may look, smell, feel and taste as a apple, but it is not necessarily so.
    By finding that it cannot be libel to call the film fraudulent, the court has effectively ruled that the film cannot be legally defended as an incontravertable fact. If you followed the case, the evidence presented by France2 was laughable and shifting. Nonething seen by the court fitted the presented story.
    Effectively, yes, we can go out and say that it is a fraud and here is the evidence. And no one can sue us and claim that we are lying.

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