Free Speech is now a red herring…

An except from the legal preamble to the Canadian Human Rights Commission, or better known in Russia as the KGB.
Under Section 7.1 … innocent intent is not a defence, nor is truth, nor is fair comment or the public interest, nor is good faith or responsible journalism.

Mark Steyn (with whom I do not always agree) is currently on trial in a non-court for offending the Islamists in Canada – two years ago. First of all, we should all agree in the West that free speech is one of our fundamental protections against tyranny, yet here it is being tossed out the window. I cannot believe we are actually seeing the end of the Enlightenment at the hands of the PC-tyrants of the left.
It is time to act, to publicize this disgrace and end it now: “nor is truth”, so you cannot actually tell the truth or the facts if it crosses someone else’s path, so long as that person is not white, nor heterosexual or in the slightest bit Christian (they might feel a little guilty about Jews though…).

People of Canada wake up! Fascism has arrived and it wears a paternalistic face.


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