Liberty and the Islamists

Has anyone noticed the open alliance between that British group of lunatics (sorry, liberals) known as Liberty, headed by Miss Smarmy Marxist (sorry, Shami Chakrabati) and the Islamists (i.e. the Muslim Brotherhood)?
Liberty and the British Muslim Initiative (headed and organised by Hamas operatives) have co-hosted an event campaigning against various issues (guess, go on, guess)…(alright, Islamophobia and anti-terrorism measures).
That’s right! Liberty are now endorsing Hamas, sorry, BMI, sorry, the British Muslim Association, sorry, the Muslim Brotherhood! So how much can we rely on Liberty’s principles? None, because they have none. I suspect these are bloody marxists aiming at undermining the British state. After the Islamic revolution here, at least I will have the satisfaction of seeing them shot by the Hamas “resistance” fighters.


3 Responses to Liberty and the Islamists

  1. JOS says:

    This is the perfect example of how Islam grows. The infect the government like a virus and alter the cells of democracy until there’s nothing left but the virus. It’s unconscionable that a government would submit to terrorists in the name of religious tolerance. Scary, indeed.
    – JOS

  2. wien1938 says:

    This is not the model of Islam, JOS. The Islamists have adopted the tactics of the communists and the far-left from the 20th Century.
    What this episode reminds me of is the Iranian leftists, feminists and socialists who stood alongside Khomenei in 1978-79 – and then he shot them all.

  3. JOS says:

    The model of Islam is to do whatever it takes to achieve victory in jihad. If strong, they will force their will upon others; if weak they will use more subtle means. For example, the jihadists have have learned the power of media and are using it to their advantage. They say Islam as a religion of peace by quoting passages from the Quran that speak of love and tolerance, and people believe. The average citizen takes up the fight against religious intolerance and soon legislators are writing it into law.
    – JOS

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