And where did he hear that?

“Iraq is not the central front in the war on terrorism, and never has been,” Obama in his recent NYT op-ed.
Ok. To whom has he been listening when he has needed evidence? I think this is still sucking up to the anti-war left, while peddling a defeatist line just this side of acceptable.
The problem is that Al-Qaeda declared Iraq to be the central front in its war against the west. But wait! We’re not going to seriously believe that Republican neo-con pro-zionist nonsense about Al-Qaeda actually being a major force in the past chaos in Iraq? Surely not. Why then we would have to trust the evidence of our own eyes!
Better to remain talking inside our heads, comrades. Much more ideologically safe there.

Excellent article on the differences between McCain and Obama, or, “He who gets it” and “surrender monkey”.


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