Germany has gone mad…

The German political nation has finally detached itself from bourgeois reality and declared that even newly born infants should have the vote
I’m sorry to see the land that produced Beethoven, Schubert, Frederick the Great and Neitzsche be reduced to such intellectual penuary but the politicians proposing this are obviously not fit to run a chicken coop, let alone manage the affairs of a country. This seems to me that this is the result of post-modernist discourse running towards its logical (p-m? logical?) self-destructive outcome.
The group’s draft petition which was presented on Thursday calls for the possibility for parents to vote in the name of their children until they reach the age of 18 and that parents should talk to their children about election decisions as soon as they reach an appropriate age.From here. Ok – vote rigging in favour of large families?
I think that the Germans have just made themselves the laughing stock of Europe.

5 Responses to Germany has gone mad…

  1. JOS says:


    Unbelievable! Well, at least the parents will be voting on behalf of living beings. Every election in this country there are stories of people who have been dead for years casting votes. According to the article they’re concerned that 5% of Germany’s citizens can’t vote. What about those citizens who have passed? This is a much greater percentage of the population. In death, does one lose his right to vote? What of the reincarnated? Since this is their second life, do they get two votes? And what about someone who is killed in an accident?

    Just when you thought it couldn’t get any loonier 🙂

    – JOS

  2. The Editrix says:

    The blogger Lawrence Auster said about a different case (which happened, incidentally, in Germany as well): “Could this be another instance of what the late Samuel Francis called anarcho-tyranny? Liberal society, he said, does not exert authority against the real misbehaviors that ought to be suppressed and punished. But in order to be seen as having SOME moral standards, the liberal authorities must clamp down on SOMETHING, so they go after things like smoking. They allow and promote the massive moral decay of society, but they make a holy cause out of prohibiting smoking.”


    I think this is a comparable case.

    And I think, too, that it is no mere chance that both cases happened in Germany. The Germans (I am one as well) are not known for an intact ethical compass and together with the fashionable political correctness everybody feels compelled to apply now, that must lead to absurd results.

  3. wien1938 says:

    The problem is that the Germans seem to have abandoned morality and substituted prejudice and stupidity. The German establishment in in league with Iran and Russia, while the German public will not fight and instead attack those who are marked as outcasts by liberal opinion.
    And I’m a bloody member of the Labour Party!

  4. The Editrix says:

    “The problem is that the Germans seem to have abandoned morality…”

    You make a mistake if you judge Germany by the same standard you apply to other Western countries. Germany is not fully a Western country. I have forgotten who said (maybe one of the early social scientists – Pareto?) that Germany never came under the mellowing, civilisatory influence of the Romans because of Hermann’s victory over Varus in the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest in 9 AD and has thus remained partly barbaric. Although that is not a entirely satisfactory explanation (what about the Scots then?) it may serve as a hint about the path which may lead to a better solution .

    I said in my previous comment that Germans have no moral or ethical compass. The concepts of fairness and common sense, on which the Anglo Saxon society thrived, is totally alien to them. It is no chance either, that the Holocaust happened in Germany. The problem with German is that THEY CAN NOT STOP. The famous Churchill-quip “Hun… throat… feet” has got it to a “T”.

    I think (and I may be wrong) that being in league with Russia has purely opportunistic reasons. But any alliance with Iran (or any Muslim country, for that) has deeper reasons and comes from the heart:

    The Germans will not stop until Western civilisation, of which they have been always mistrustful, is destroyed. The first attempt had to be aborted. Maybe the next will be successful.

    As for the Labour Party: Is there a Conservative (I mean REAL conservative) alternative?

  5. wien1938 says:

    I think you’re right about the concept of German civilisation having no ethical or moral compass. The problem with the 1945 settlement was that it substituted guilt for nationalism and thus with no sense of national self-worth, except at the time by opposition to Russian barbarism. Once Communism collasped, what did Germany have to believe in? For a limied time, the idea of reunifying the nation held things together – but when the ossies and wessies began to hate one another, what then?
    The leadership of Germany seems to be adrift in a dream of politically correct inanity, the liberal love of dictatorships and a sea of vacuousness caused by the failure to give Germans a reason to believe in themselves.
    The German leadership are afraid of Russia. They’re the generation after the war and know the Russians only as something to be feared. That is why they are appeasing and allying with Russia. The informal alliance with Iran is I believe something that descend out of anti-semitism. Better the genocidal thugs than the Jews.
    I don’t think the Germans actually believe in anything, not even their own self-virtue. But I don’t think they’re on a mission of destroying western civilisation – that’s what the Islamists want.

    Not this current Conservative Party – yes, they’ll help the rich but that’s about it. I think we call that the Tory Party.

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