A Shining Knight?

Barack Obama is painted by most of the media in the US and Europe as a pure, messainic figure, who will sweep away the old politics and bring in a new politics on reconciliation and togetherness.
One problem. This. Barack Obama came up in the ranks through South Side Chicago, the most corrupt place in the USA, which has not elected a Republican Mayor since 1927. Now, I can understand why the Republicans got trounced in 1931, something called the Great Depression.
But one party rule on that time scale does no good for the area or the party. Such invincible incumbency breeds arrogance, corruption and complacency on a massive scale but things are worse when combined with the racial politics in Chicago. I do not refer to the white-black issue, but to the ethnic group divide in Chicago from the late 19th Century, where the ethnic groups were informally granted exclusivity over certain Chicago government departments.
The Democrat Party could not lose Chicago, if it tried. They could put up Adolf Hitler, spouting slogans about reuniting America and a revolution for the poor, and they’d still get in. I think I shall now be referring to the land of Barack the Transcendent’s political education as the Soviet Republic of Chicago.


2 Responses to A Shining Knight?

  1. JOS says:

    Excellent insight! I also believe the referenced article in Slate illustrates reasons for Obama’s popularity:

    “Public perception may be the most useful measure. If the inhabitants of a city view corruption as a given, they’ll be more inclined to forgive politicians who have already been tainted by scandal.”

    Too many expect politicians to be liars and cheats, so aren’t surprised when their deceitful acts are exposed. They consider it to be “not too bad, considering…” and “everybody in Washington does it…” The problem being that politicians become what the constituency tolerates.

  2. wien1938 says:

    I agree. It is a worrying development of the last twenty years that ALL politicians are thought to be implicitly corrupt. It means that no one EXCEPT the media and their annointed political champions can be trusted at their word.

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