Mohammed as schizophrenic?

Thinking about the impact of mental illness, I wonder if Mohammed, Prophet of Islam was afflicted with schizophrenia or voices in his head.
These need not occur regularly, but can resurface periodically and would provide a secular explaination for the beginnings of Islam and revelation. There is an interesting article in The Atlantic, published in 1999 (before the terrorist attacks on New York and therefore before the liberal press became terrified appeasers) which explores the implications of textual scholarship on the Koran and its implications for Islam’s future.


4 Responses to Mohammed as schizophrenic?

  1. lmajeed says:

    That is utterly outrageous! Why would you think such a thing?!
    A man receiving revelations from God is now considered schizophrenic??
    So that means that all prophets, Jesus included, are schizophrenic and all the Holy Books (Quran, Bible, Torah, etc) are the results of crazy men rather than being works of God?!

  2. wien1938 says:

    No, I would not count the prophets of whom I am aware (Jesus, Abraham and Moses) as schizphrenic. Taking Jesus, I would argue that Jesus taught from a theological sub-stratum of Judaism and in interpreting the text of the religion.
    The story of Mohammed as I have understood it is much more individually orientated. Mohammed recieved revelations within his head, often during retreats to a cave. To my mind, thinking with psychological histories, that would make sense from a secular perspective. It might also explain the contradictions and strange elements in his tale.
    However, this remains only one man’s idea and I stand ready to be corrected.

    On another note though, I do not regard religion as the product of mental illness, but rather as a conceptual way of understanding the world in which we live, and that this was true then as well as now.
    And no; I do not consider these works of God but works of man. I trust reason, empericism and logic rather than blind faith.

  3. Patrick says:

    Hello, I enjoyed the Muslims reply to your comment. “What? ARE YOU INSANE? HE COULDN’T BE INSANE. AM I INSANE?”

  4. wien1938 says:

    Well, Patrick. That is what you might call a closed mind – rather vulnerable and defensive, if you ask me.

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