Controlling Your Image

One of the dominent features of the Obama campaign has been the refusal to allow journalists of even the most favourable leanings to interview the candidate; by way of contrast John McCain has always been approachable by even hostile journalists. This could represent a couple of things.
The first is that the Obama camp within the Democratic Party believes that the last two elections were lost because the message and image of the campaigning candidate was harmed by hostile media sources spinning negative stories about the candidate. Image manipulation as cause…not crap policies, inept public speaking (John Kerry and Al Gore) and an inability to reach out to the centre?
The second is represents a wider attitude of intellectual and consequently moral superiority over the opponent and the electorate. Possible? Not sure, but I do believe that the controlled nature of the campaign is both a response to the previous defeats (wrong lessons, in my opinion) and a worrying indication of the nature of the campaign,


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