How interesting…

Obama’s Muslim-Outreach Advisor has resigned. Why? Because he’s linked to the Muslim Brotherhood and terrorist funding institutions… And this bloke’s from Chicago?
Ok. Number of probable responses?
1. “I am saddened by his departure, it is terrible how accusations can arise like this?” (HINT: accusation of racism)
2. …silence…

Which one do you think Saint Barack the Transcendent will pick, boys and girls?


2 Responses to How interesting…

  1. JOS says:

    Par for the course would be for Obama to first support the guy; then say that he didn’t know about his activities and besides, there’s no such thing as guilt by association; and finally to condemn him claiming that he never really worked for his campaign in the first place.
    – JOS

  2. wien1938 says:

    As far as I’m aware, JOS, the lightworker and his acolytes have remained silent over this. I think this is called “hanging someone out to dry”.

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