The sillyness of the “terrorist fist jibe”.

The accusation of radical sympathies of Obama being evident from the public use of the touch of fists, identified with the Black Panthers and radical black liberationist poltics in the 1960s and 1970s, is in my view misplaced and actually quite silly.
There is enough evidence of Obama’s very leftist and racial politics from his past record as state senator etc without the need to resort to something that in my view is actually intended in a different manner. That is that the “fist jibe” is intended to shore up any flagging support among black voters in the USA by showing that Obama is a “black” candidate. It is more mundane than any suddent “sign” of terrorist sympathies.
My own guess about Obama and his radical politics (yes, I think he’s a radical leftist) is that he’s dissembling. Either he will have to reveal something as a policy programme that will illuminate those ideals or he will simply declare something has to be dealt with, once in office and then we will begin to see the leftist programme emerge but always as a “response” to circumstances, never as a whole. His whole electoral strategy has been based around appealing to blacks as the “black” candidate and appealing to the educated as the “progressive” candidate.

Surely he wouldn’t be so stupid as to give the equivalent to a Nazi salute?


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