When will the Christian Right get it?

The Christian right has yet to accept that the wide body of the US public do not want to abolish abortion, but would rather that the decision on that matter be taken democratically. The issue is not the morality of abortion but the undemocratic nature of the decision by the Supreme Court in 1972 to override the states rights to make laws on this matter.

No where under the US Constitution can a “right” to abortion be described or implied. It is not a fundamental right, but one that I would defend as a legislative item and statute law. That is a matter for democratic debate – not lawyers.

The reason I bring this up is that the Christian Right has been making a lot of noise about being unhappy with McCain’s position on abortion. Fine, you lot can hold out of perfection, while you sabotage McCain’s campaign and allow Obama to walk into the White House. Idiots.


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