Bold Choice

Ok, I disagree with Sarah Palin over gay marriage and abortion. However, I respect her views and applaud her otherwise fair attitude towards gay and lesbian issues – and this coming from small town America.

I believe that John McCain has chosen a bold and interesting choice. This woman has worked her way to the top in Alaska by merit and strong personality, she is known for strong ethics and fiscal discipline and decisive leadership. Yet she is a relative unknown, but what I’ve seen so far indicates competance, a strong sense of identity which will serve her well and a strong ability to argue publically for sensible policy (e.g. energy).

Just wait for the sexism to start sneaking out from the Democrat camp – nothing annoys US liberals more than a member of a designated victim group doing the “Uncle Tom” or being on the wrong side.

Yep. The sexist comments have already started. Courtesy of one of Michelle Malkin’s readers.


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