The foolishness of diplomats

Western diplomats are addicted to a tale of their own success. UN Security Council Resolution 1701 dictated that Hezbollah were to pull back from the border strip with Israel.
But there is a problem; ok, there are several.
1. Hezbollah has been breaking this agreement – actually not an agreement, since it never signed up in the first place.
2. Hezbollah could not sign up – it is not a state. Asking a terrorist group to sign a peace treaty is like trying to speak Martian – impossible and you end up looking like an idiot.
3. The states that were supposed to enforce Hezbollah behaviour have not – why? Because Hezbollah’s backers (Syria and Iran) have never intended to stick to the agreement and have rearmed Hezbollah and provided support for Hezbollah to defeat the third state meant to control its behaviour.
4. The diplomats are under the illusion that when a ceasefire is brokered, the war then ends. No, it merely enters a quiet phase.

We are now exiting the quiet phase, with Hezbollah, Syria and Iran preparing to assault Israel with the political aim of its destruction.

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