“My Muslim Faith”

So the internet is in a tizzy about Obama’s “confession” of Muslim faith. Really, I must wonder at the stupidity of some people. He was being asked before about allegations of being a closet Muslim as opposed to his professed Christian faith. I don’t like him, but I am willing to believe that he meant “Christian”.

For gods sake! We’ve had a great week of watching the leftwing media go berserk over false rumours. Do not start acting like this. It will harm our cause .


2 Responses to “My Muslim Faith”

  1. I agree that one shouldn’t “go berserk” over false rumours, yet I find myself wondering about this slip of the tongue. I’ve been trying to compare it to moments in my own life when I misspoke. Did I ever say something that was exactly opposite of what I meant? Or opposite of the truth about myself?
    Something about saying “my” doesn’t feel right. Do people make mistakes like that? Put “my” in front of a totally wrong thing. I’m thinking Obama has a Muslim something in his life that he identifies with the word “my.” His relationship with his father? Self-consciousness about his name in post-9/11 America?
    I don’t know what it is, but his mistake makes me uneasy. He is very smooth. Perhaps too smooth. The slip catches him off guard.

    I’ve heard people say Obama was a Muslim, and I’ve been the one to correct them and say, “nonsense — that’s a prejudice. The man’s a Christian.” But now I’m not so sure.

    The idea of a “Freudian slip” is a little over-worked, I’ll admit, but it does have a touchstone in ordinary life that we’ve all experienced at one time or another — moments when we accidentally “let the cat out of the bag.”

    I think maybe Obama has just had his moment — and had it on national tv.
    I cannot say that I trust him. But he is very smooth, and he seems like such a “good boy.” It makes me suspicious. And let’s face it: people makes judgements upon intuition for a reason.

    Sometimes you cannot name it, but something just doesn’t seem right.

  2. wien1938 says:

    The gaffe I feel uncomfortable with is the “all 57 states”. It is inexplicable, but then he is in my mind an unreconstructed, post-modernist liberal-left type. These people are dangerous because they profess to believe in virtue and practise totalitarianism. I feel uncomfortable with the idea of a man with a personality cult becoming president.
    I don’t believe the Democrats deserve to win because they have been convincing themselves that this election is about “taking America back”. In political terms this emerges as an ultra-ideological agenda akin to Tony “Moron” Benn’s statement that the Labour Party lost in 1979 because it wasn’t “socialist enough”. When Benn took control of the party policy organs, he introduced a radical socialist agenda – and Labour lost in a landslide.

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