All post-modern roads…

Lee Jasper, former advisor to Ken Livingston, has suggested that the black community should run its own schools… Now, keeping in mind that the movement of the radical left since the late 1960s has been towards identity politics and “community organizing”, this proposal amounts to a: de facto segregation, b: a controlled political grouping.
Lee Jasper is a member of Socialist Action (trotskyite socialist sect). He is also national secretary of one of the “anti-racism” bodies in the UK. How much would you bet that the school curriculum would focus heavily on slavery and the colonies in Africa, and contain lessons focusing on “combatting racism” and “racism awareness”. No wonder this lot of bastards are in bed with the Islamists – they both want to break up nation-states and seize control of their own indentity groups.

So all post-modern  roads lead to a radical marxist.


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