Revolutionaries, Pah!

Just read Daniel Finkelstein’s blog entry on Malcom X, the myth and the man existing in sharp contradiction. Perhaps it is because all revolutionaries who do not succeed remain sad little bastards on the fringe of normality. He’s been romanticised by a left that needed a dead martyr not as “sold out” as Martin Luther King, he’s been romanticised because he advocated violence, not peace, which is the primary tool of the far left, and he’s been romanticised because the ’60s radicals needed an icon of revolution, not compromise. That is why they idolised Malcom X (confused, murderous doctrinal thug), Che Guevara (fascist murderer) and still secretly idolise the Soviet Union. The far left and their fellow travellers are, to paraphrase Orwell, professed pacifists in love with political violence.

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