The downside to messianic movements

The upside to a messanic campaign is the fervour and belief of the activists and the sense of momentum that can draw in the undecided…

The downside is that when things go wrong, and oh, how things have gone wrong in the last two weeks, the sense of expectation swiftly begins to turn to despair. From the Financial Times via Powerline blog, it seems that there is a sense of doom settling in on Capitol Hill, and I’ve just seen the map that has McCain two electoral votes ahead for the first time! To which I reply, YESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYES! COME ON!
The sense of the kingdom of Jerusalem growing closer has started to give way to the apocalyptic expectation of defeat. I am sincerely hoping that we watch the Obama campaign continue to unravel and McCain and Palin be elected on a landslide, similar to Reagan. What effect this will have on the Democratic Party, I don’t know but I suspect that they won’t learn, blaming racism and the “stupid, redneck” unsophicated voters. Suffice to say, things may become very interesting, very quickly.


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