Oh that man is good.

Stephen Pollard’s spot on again about (my bloody party) Labour’s retreat into class warfare and especially about about Harriet Harperson.

I wonder if anyone will listen to me in rejecting this nonsense and doing what we should have done before, facing up to the crap disgrace that is our state education system. Scrap the national curriculum and break up the local education authorities, then make each school grant-maintained and institute a voucher system, so that schools compete on excellence. As the CPS put it, state education in Britain is akin to three restaurants on the high street, with a set number of places that cannot be expanded. If you want a decent education, then instead of paying fees, you pay a high mortage.

How is that progressive?


One Response to Oh that man is good.

  1. Hi there,

    Found your site when the link clicked though to my blog – Keep Tony Blair. Thanks for the link.

    It looks like you too miss The Previous. And now with the dreadful mess that is befalling Labour, the whole New Labour project, or even the party itself could be history before you can say “stab him in the back”.

    What a horror story.

    I read Pollard’s article and he is right. But of course, we are in such a dodgy economic state right now that everyone has come to the exaggerated conclusion that we ar e sinking in the mire, and the poor moreso.

    Well, it’s true and it isn’t. There’s still a pretty robust welfare system which in some parts of the country prohibit people from taking the only jobs available, low paid. Then the unemployed/unemployable mentality takes hold – and we see the results in sink estates. So they’ll just struggle on on benefits through any recession. It’s the Middle Englanders that Blair touched who will struggle.

    I’m coming to the sad conclusion that the poor will always be with us – and it’s usually because of education or lack of. Here too, you and Pollard are right. As was Blair. He spent the last 8 months of his time as PM trying to embed the Academy schools because if not firmly in place he feared Brown would succumb to the Left and his own instincts and remove them. He was probably right about this. It’s great to see Balls being the Academy Man now!

    But now that he’s PM, I think Brown is doubly confused. He’s finding out that Tony was right about most aspects of policy, and Brown has nowhere to go but in his old friend’s footsteps. That can’t help this pretty inarticulate man in the communicating business with the Left who in their stupidity, ignorance and political naivety thought Tony was only ABOUT the Right. They were wrong in this. I am absolutely sure.

    But now they don’t know their Left from their Right!

    So what do you think -are you going to hang togethr or separately?

    I feel it’s moving now and I cn’t see it stopping. Don’t know whether to laugh or cry!

    I imagine that Miliband & some prominent Left-winger – (forget McDonnell – he’s a fool) – are going to start the internecine end game.

    Come back Tony and bang a few heads together.

    If he was really dead, he’d be turning in his grave!

    All the best to you.

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