The Wrong Sort of Maverick

It strikes me that the liberals who are so loudly proclaiming their disillusionment with John McCain’s “marverick” label were seriously thinking that “maverick” in this case must mean “liberal” or “liberally inclined”. When he turns out to have been a conservative all his life, they’re a little shocked that the image inside their heads turns out to be wrong. So what does a modern, “logical” intelligent liberal do? Blame John McCain for not being a liberal maverick.

Funny eh?


2 Responses to The Wrong Sort of Maverick

  1. Miller 2.0 says:

    Could it be because the administration for the previous 8 years has been a conservative one? the one prior to that avowedly centrist? The one for the years previously to that also of the hard right? You couldn’t depart from this orthodoxy without being liberal, or a signed up member of the Klan.

    Is this post really meant ot be taken seriously?

  2. wien1938 says:

    First of all, I would strongly disagree with your labelling.
    The two Bush presidencies cannot be characterised as “hard right”, the No Child Left Behind Act is defined as hard right according to you? That’s a very strange definition of hard right.
    Secondly, how is your comment actually relevant? I was posting on the foolish outrage of US liberals who believed that McCain was a centrist. Or are you accusing all conservatives of being racist and evil?

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