Identifying our Enemies

The international insitutions of the 20th Century are decrepit and falling apart from the moral decay at their heart. The European Union is stuck in the pursuit of a utopian dream of the abolition of the nation state as the cause of war; Germany is siding openly with the tyrannies of China and Russia against the West, against the US and Israel in particular.
The United Nations is corrupt; invested with utopian hopes of ending war and in turn achieving international concord, these aims are left in the hands of the enemies of freedom, liberty and humanism. In the UN, most of the nations of the world are openly, to one degree or another, aligned with the enemies of the West.
And within the West, the liberal-left are the subversive, seditious element, whose identification of humanism and freedom as the creator of human misery though capitalism and democracy, causes them to emerge as the followers of the enemy within; they follow the extreme left like the “moral majority” of Germans followed Adolf Hitler. Why is this?
I believe that Evan Sayet and others put the collective finger upon the reason for this: they yearn for a utopia, to believe in and follow the leaders to a utopia. So we have the Greens with “principal speakers” – to avoid the appearence of formal leadership and dictatorship, nonetheless impose a totalitarian mindset upon each other and all those who might listen to them. Hitler offered a utopia – a future of racially defined harmony and glory; the liberal-left follow the extreme left into a dream of a utopia, where freedom is proved to be a sham to create misery and those who perpuate misery, who cut the heads off of little boys, who would murder and impose a tyrannical and truly oppressive state, are the harbringers of “true” freedom, the creators of utopia.

Right now, Germany is in bed with its real enemies, its’ elite and people fooled by the liberal-leftists of the 1960s and the political remnants of National Socialism. There are those who attack the covert anti-semitism of the political dialogue of Germany, but they are very much a minority. I believe that for somewhere like Germany, David Horowitz of Frontpage Magazine is right in that the eventual reaction will not be politically liberal in the old sense of the word but nationalistic and possibly neo-fascist in outlook. By destroying the intellectual frameworks of European civilisation, the liberal-left are opening the ground to their enemies who will draw upon the most avastic emotions to promote an agenda of true hatred.
When this happens, will the liberal-left – those like Andrew Sullivan or Jonathan Freedland – recognise their folly? Will they recognise that by destroying rational criticism and promoting ideological indoctrination, by appeasing and assisting their declared enemies in Islam and in the world tyrannies that they will have destroyed themselves? I don’t know if they could because they are so morally bankrupt that those who are not put to death or imprisoned will switch sides and pretend to be progressive.

Will they recognise that organisations like Amnesty International exist because of the West and the Enlightenment and not despite the West? Will they wake up to the manipulation of their stupidity by the extreme and totalitarian left? In the 1990s, we thought in Britain that the far-left were redundant and gone, but did not listen to those who were telling us that the far-left were still lurking in the woodwork of education, destroying and corrupting the teachings of the Enlightenment – the majority of the practitioners were liberal-left, not consciously aware of the ends of the methods employed and fixated on illusory enemies – the political right. Capitalism and Democracy are being undermined by the far-left from within; I still need to read the sources that Melanie Phillips gave, but I believe in my heart that she is right in declaring that Barack Obama is a far-leftist and ideologically related to the Communist Party. There are too many trails leading back to the Communists and their totalitarian fellow travellers from his person to dismiss and scaremongering.

There is an interesting discussion begun on Harry’s Place by Adam LeBor about is the Right the place of intellectual coherence and confidence today? The left is frightened, split and confused by the modern world: the right is not exactly unified but is much more so than the left. I remain in the small (and perhaps slightly expanding) part of the left who can work with the majority of the right against this threat. I share the company of men like Nick Cohen and Christopher Hitchens, and women like Meryl Yourish and am proud to know what is right and to be prepared to fight for it.

One Response to Identifying our Enemies

  1. JOS says:

    Excellent piece. Unfortunately, once a nation becomes a democracy, the purpose of government changes. Instead of the goal being that of guaranteeing liberty, equal justice, private property and voluntary exchange, the government embarks on the impossible task of achieving economic equality, micromanaging the economy and protecting citizens from themselves and all their activities. We’re seeing this now in the U.S….watch as the 21st “New Deal” unfolds.
    – JOS

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