This is why the Republicans should win

From Powerline blog, the Republicans have negotiated a superb deal on the US Treasury Bailout. They’ve removed the political slush funds, put limits on the money and established further regulatory mechanisms to monitor the money markets and keep an eye on standards therein. McCain seems to have played a notable part in these negotiations, providing political clout.

The Democrats didn’t want regulation…I though they were the party of Big Government? I feel sure that at least one person will attack me for not painting the Republicans as evil…


3 Responses to This is why the Republicans should win

  1. Coco McBean says:

    You don’t need to paint the Republicans as evil, they do this for themselves. In my opinion, it seems that true Republican values and fiscal conservatismhave been replaced by a crazy religious right-wing agenda. It seems that economic policies are not as important as a candidate’s stance on abortion, gay marriage and evolution. Those three issues, along with I am sure many others, have become the bread and butter of the Republicans. And while you may be a thoughtful, logical “right-wing” supporter, you should realize/accept that your fellow Republicans are more interested in a candidate’s stance on the issues stated above than in their economic or foreign relations background. Sarah Palin, a case in point.

    p.s. I’m not crazy.

  2. wien1938 says:

    Last comment: Um… Read it. Paranoid fantasy? The Republicans are not the ones trying to shut down free speech (First Amendment) – Obama’s camp are issuing legal threats in Missouri.

    I actually don’t think the social issues crowd are ultimately that important. I’m believe that they’re starting to fade in revelance. I’m a member of the Labour Party in Britain! And I quite like Sarah Palin. She strikes me as honest, even though I don’t agree with all of her views.

    Looking at a long term perspective, I would like to see the Democrat Party of Johnson return as the abstract left who are now in control of much of the direction of the Democrats have taken the party further into madness.
    The best way to combat the social issues crowd is to debate them honestly and openly. I oppose affirmative action, yet if I put forward a logical and rational case for my argument, then I will be accused of attacking blacks. The Left in the USA increasingly resort to hurling insults in lieu of reasoned argument.
    I’ve had interesting debates with those in the Republican Party, you have defined as crazy and they’re not closed to reason.

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