LGF is right: This is really creepy…

Skin crawler of the month… Pro-Obama video (here LGF) posted on Youtube. Distinctly similar to much North Korean cult children songs.

Makes me very uncomfortable.

What makes this worse is that I could imagine a Nazi promotional song entitled “Adolf Hitler will save the Reich” sung in the same “cute” manner.


2 Responses to LGF is right: This is really creepy…

  1. JOS says:


    Creepy isn’t the word; the video is chilling. Reminds me of a book by James Clavell called “The Children’s Story”. The story was inspired by his 6-year old daughter who had learned to recite the Pledge of Allegiance at school. She had memorized every word, but really had no idea what the words meant. This is essentially the same thing, for in this video we see the use of language as a weapon. Just as the children of nK preface all reference to Kim Jong-il with praise, these children are being indoctrinated in similar fashion. That’s what gives me an uncomfortable feeling.

    – JOS

  2. wien1938 says:

    One of the aspects of this video which angers me is that the website of the company that created it claim that it was “spontaneous”. One word response, “Bullshit”.
    This is a professional production, rehersed and all the children carefully chosen. This is manipulation of the voter and is also indicative of the personality cult around Barack Obama.
    Yet another reason why Obama should not be elected.

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