Deranged Hari

Johann Hari of the Independent newspaper is one of the most deranged jounalists one can find out there today.
He regularly defame Israel with the usual lies of “war crimes” (almost all of which never actually happened), accusations of theft of land and/or rights, denial of statehood (Pallies don’t want a state, just Israel destroyed) and consistently promotes Pallies as tortured angels forced to respond and Israelis as wicked demons, whose safety lies in surrendering to terrorism.
I think we safely accuse Johann Hari of being anti-semitic. We have the Three D’s here: Demonization (Israel as wicked oppressor – contrary to the facts); Delegitimization (denial of the Israeli right to self-defence and denial of the just origins of the Israeli state); and Double Standards (Israeli counter-terrorism described as terrorism; Palestinian terrorism regarded as legitimate response to Israel).

Johann Hari is an anti-semite, writing at an anti-semitic “leftwing” paper, the Independent.

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