Sarah Palin: the skilled debator

Via Powerlineblog. This woman should walk all over Joe Biden today.

Let’s see how the MSM will try to poison the results of the debate.


3 Responses to Sarah Palin: the skilled debator

  1. I do think she will do well. She will need to in order to erase some of the negative talk of late about her interviewing skills. This could be the moment where people either say “Yes, she was the right choice” or “What the heck was McCain thinking?”

  2. The only chance she has is to stop trying to memorize McCain’s positions and to be herself. I want to hear, “I’m not from Washington and I’m not here to impress reporters or kiss up to career politicians and lobbyists. I’m here to clean up the trash!”

    I’d love to have heard her tell Katie Couric how transparent and sophomoric her questions were and then ask Katie if she felt that the downfall of Katie’s TV career coincided with the day that she chose to become a puppet instead of a journalist.

    That’s the Sarah Palin I want to see!

  3. wien1938 says:

    Nice to see you guys here. I’m looking forward to this, but you are right, she needs to nicely dissect his bluster and reveal the craven cowardice at the heart of the Democratic Party.

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