Return to Blogging: Losing the Election but not losing our souls.

Hello, I’m back. Couldn’t really write anything the last few weeks – everything I felt was being written by my side already. The Obama voters have just done an incredibly stupid thing… To those on the left who are now crowing – Gene at Harry’s Place in particular – “fuck you”. You were blinded by your partisan hatreds into befriending your enemies – you WILL regret this.

To those who bravely voted for McCain, bad luck. And Damn, Blast, Fuck, Bloody Fucking, Fucking, Fucking Hell. Well the world’s not going to come to an end – there are real limits to a President’s power… just I have this nagging worry about Obama. Let’s hope the judiciary stand up to the barmmier ideas…wait…he can sack the lot…in fact he will – Bush did.
Does anyone know if the senior Dems are still talking about slashing the military budget?

Anyway, here’s the comment that I left on Shire Network News today. It sums up a lot for me.

Ok. We lost. And McCain did lose graciously – he always was gracious (unlike the opponent).

The world is not going to end suddenly…however, the USA will realise at some point in the future that it elected (and the media in particular) a disgraceful man to be president in the face of danger. The USA has just buried its head in the sand, and to Israelis I would say – hit Iran in the next two to three months – that’s how long you have to increase your chances of survival.

The unconstitutional and illegal tactics of the Democrats will become institutionalised as the Consitution will be subverted. To what ends? To whichever ends the left of the Democrat party decide.

On the plus side. These next four years will give real leftwingers like myself and the conservative movement in the USA to put in some real coordinating thought on how to regroup and win the next election, so we can undo the damage that will have been wrought by the “messiah”.
It seems to me that one of the reasons that the Republicans never developed a coherent domestic message was that they never had one. Low taxes were a good idea, are a good idea but not as much as reforming the tax code to promote the benefits of work. The US tax code has been a mess for the last twenty years and Obama’s Democrats are not going to tackle it – too much like hard work.
The Republicans should be starting to work out a manifesto that provides a realistic and plausible small government platform to counter the Big Government excesses of an Obama presidency.
At the same time, healthcare is going to be an issue. I wrote a post on my blog months ago about this and the failings of the conservatives to really tackle why healthcare is a Democrat issue. To revisit the argument, healthcare in the US is semi-nationalised and semi-privatised; in Britain, we have mostly nationalised healthcare and it remains one of the institutions of which the British remain most proud, even when outraged by stupid decisions such as trying to punish people for using private healthcare alongside the NHS. Those are excesses but excesses which have no root in the spirit of the NHS, that the nation cares for all its subjects.

If the Republicans are bold, they can come up with a small government version of the NHS for the USA. I would propose something like this: the federal government provides a basic healthcare voucher which consumers can use to shop around for the best healthcare deal. In return for the abolition of corporation tax on healthcare providers, the government and the healthcare providers agree on a basic regulatory framework of consumer rights, a set of standardised insurance plans into which consumers must buy and an agreed limiting of drug prices based on a compromise between market and R&D costs and affordability for consumers. This would act in the same manner, I believe, as the regulatory framework the British government uses for energy, telephony etc in Britain where the companies then compete on price and service within a framework that guarentees a competative market.
The USA, not matter what the liberal left shriek, is not as poor as Britain was in 1945. For the Republican party, I think this would create a great deal of affection towards them from the working class Democrat voters and combined with a real reforming assault on Medicare, Medicaid, the pensions system, public education and the tax system, would give them a mantle of “real” reformers – the party of “competence”, rather than the Democrats who would be the party of “conscience” but “incompetence”. If you want your country to be run well – vote Republican. If you want your country to cater to special interest and minority groups in the name of “fairness”, vote Democrat but don’t be shocked at the waste and corruption.

Returning to the present. So Obama thinks that Bush administration policy was too aggressive towards Russia? Inconsistent would be a fair analysis but too aggressive? This means he’s still talking and in his victory speech about appeasement.
What was that saying about leopards?


4 Responses to Return to Blogging: Losing the Election but not losing our souls.

  1. JOS says:


    My main concern is with the Obama-Reid-Pelosi “trifecta”. You’re right when you say there are limits to a president’s power, but when a single (and looney) majority holds both the executive and legislative bodies of government, there’s no end to the mischief they can get into. Obama has already commented on the “negative liberties” of our Constitution, believing that with regard to government, “bigger is better.” This is enough to give me serious pause.

    – JOS

  2. wien1938 says:

    Well, I’m currently pivoting between “it will be ok” and “oh god…” You’re right, the amount of mischief will be long, damaging and illegal – they’ve already shown a lack of regard for legal and constitutional boundaries in the election.

  3. Miller 2.0 says:

    I’m sorry mate, but I’ve no idea how the poo you’re a Labour member. Are you sure you didn’t mean Conservative, or Christian Alliance when you signed up?

  4. wien1938 says:

    Aha. Crude insults in place of political analysis? That sounds like the left at the moment – not much to believe in but much to mindlessly despise.
    Well, anyway, welcome to my little blog – I’ve no idea who affliated me with Bloggers4Labour, but the idea is nice.
    I suppose I should put myself on record as being very surprised – but happily surprised over the Brown rescue package for the banking system. Effective and cost controlled, unlike the US Treasury bailout.
    I’m also a little surprised that you seem to believe that the Labour Party has an ideologicial check-list for its’ members and that consequently a big tent policy cannot be operated. I happen to think that capitalism is merely an economic process, perhaps the best expression so far for human economic interactions and one which has produced phenonemnal wealth.
    I don’t happen to walk around with a “I believe in equality” badge slapped to my forehead, because the only place adults should be regarded as equal is before the law. Nice to see that you’re practising law – good choice. I regard myself as a Labour Party member because I cannot see any other party as representing more than narrow class interests (the Tories) or the smug “we know better than you” brigade (the Lib Dems). As for the Greens – can I say, totalitarian?
    I do find myself in a community of interest with the US conservative movement as I find by and large, the US left is committed to the wrong ideas and, I suspect, more than a little deranged by blind hatred of the opposition. Yes, I would love to see a system like the NHS in the USA – but it not going to happen. I happen to dislike social conservatism on the grounds that the state should no intrude into citizens’ private lives and that it is often expressed as pure bigotry. However, I do think that there is something to be said for free market ideas and for reasserting a sense of national history and pride.
    The cultural elite of this country have spent the last thirty years attempting to obliterate and hide our past. Read Nick Cohen’s new article in Standpoint magazine on this and the BBC’s new Simon Schama documentary, “The American Future”. Our children cannot distinguish between Churchill and 1066, and on a more fundamental level have no idea about the British legal system, or how parliament came into being, or even why democracy exists. It’s all getting a bit too Orwellian for my liking, we’re only allowed to view ourselves through a certain prism provided by those in control, whether that be in education or the media.

    Anyway, off to work. Feel free to come and talk over here. I may even return the compliment. I’m sure the left still believes in free speech – even from the Compass angle.

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